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Monthly program
of Chocolate Diet Plan

The BMI-1 chocolate diet study by Diet Plasma has created an effective and unique program for each BMI category. One month duration. Εasy to use that will meet modern lifestyles.

With the term metabolically active, it means that the diet is based on bioactive foods and not on reducing calories and portions size. Cocoa fruit is one of the strongest bioactive foods with multiple beneficial effects on our health.

How does the Chocolate Diet work for weight loss?

In weight loss, it works with multiple mechanisms. Beyond weight reduction, we have direct benefits in many diseases that accompany obesity such as diabetes, hypertension, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, etc.

Increases metabolism

The Cocoa fruit, through substances such as theobromine and theophylline, increase metabolism and thermogenesis, resulting in the activation of a dormant metabolism.

Hunger Center Control

The Cocoa fruit has precursor substances with a strong biological effect, which increase both Serotonin, which in turn controls the hunger center, and Dopamine, which improves mood and increases metabolism.

Increase Tissue Oxygenation

The Cocoa fruit through substances such as theobromine and theophylline increase respiratory efficiency and through nitric oxide (NO) cause strong vasodilation. Key factor for fat burning that takes place in an aerobic phase.

Diet features


for all genders

The BMI-1 Chocolate Diet is suitable for all adult genders.


for workers and non-workers

The BMI-1 chocolate diet can also be applied by the most demanding professions.


without food weighing

The BMI-1 Chocolate Diet does not have food weighing. The basic rule is a normal portion.


without special cooking

The BMI-1 chocolate diet contains simple foods that can be found even in any restaurant. Also suitable for people who rarely cook at home.


6 meals a day

The BMI-1 chocolate diet has 6 simple and easy meals a day that, apart from dinner, do not even require cooking.


the dinner is the main meal of the day

In the BMI-1 chocolate diet, the chocolate meal is always included at noon for special metabolic reasons. An easy meal that you can make wherever you are.


the dinner is the main meal of the day

In the BMI-1 Chocolate Diet, the main meal is dinner making the program ideal for the modern lifestyle. Especially ideal for workers.


the lunch is the chocolate meal

In the BMI-1 chocolate diet, the chocolate meal is the Lunch for special metabolic reasons. An easy meal that you can make wherever you are.

Beneficial effects of the Cocoa fruit on health.


  • Improves respiratory function and tissue oxygenation.
  • Improves asthma as a natural bronchodilator.


  • Overweight and Obesity Normalization.
  • Reducing insulin resistance.
  • Improvement of Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Improvement of blood lipid profile (cholesterol – triglycerides).
  • Improvement of fatty liver.
  • Improvement of Metabolic Syndrome.


  • It improves blood circulation of the kidneys.
  • Improves kidney function.


  • Improves intestinal bacterial flora
  • Improves constipation.
  • It has an anti-cancer effect.


  • Controls hunger center.
  • Improves mood.
  • Improves memory.
  • Improves cognitive ability.
  • It reduces the risk of stroke.
  • Antidepressant action.
  • Aphrodisiac action.


  • Reduced risk of heart attack.
  • Protection of coronary vessels.
  • Antithrombotic action.
  • Reduction of hypertension.
  • Reduces bad cholesterol – LDL.
  • Increase good cholesterol – HDL.
  • Improves arteriosclerosis.


  • Improvement of polycystic ovaries syndrome POCS.
  • Improving conception and fertility.
  • Pre-eclampsia prevention.