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Chocolate Diet BMI 1


Monthly program
of Chocolate Diet Plan

The BMI-1 are monthly programs (4 weeks) of Chocolate Diet plan.
Each BMI-1 program is excerpts from the comprehensive Chocolate Diet weight loss plan created by Dr. Iakovos Theodosiou.

The BMI-1 Chocolate Diet program is ONE program for each BMI (Body Mass Index) category.

BMI-1 programs are cycle model diets. This means we choose the same program in the BMI category until we change categories, which will happen with sufficient weight loss and move to the next (smaller) BMI category.



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The BMI-1 Chocolate Diet by Diet Plasma, is a comprehensive diet plan for weight loss.
By comprehensive, you mean it has programs for people from a few pounds to several pounds overweight. That is, it fully covers all cases of obesity.
It is remarkably effective in fat reduction and on the change in body composition. This is what makes it an ideal program for weight and fat management so that the result lasts.

Is a diet plan with the daily pleasure of chocolate, the fruit of the cocoa tree. Particularly suitable for people who cannot follow a diet due to a lack of sweets (sweet eaters). It fights what many people refer to as bulimia, from the lack of sugar and the insulin disorder.

It’s a weight loss program that you can implement yourself, with the only guide being your home scale!

For each obesity category or body mass index (BMI) category, it has its own program.
One “1” monthly program for each category of BMI. Each monthly schedule has four “4” weekly programs, the activity of which changes every week, so that it is effective, as a complete month of dieting.

With this internal structure, it becomes a cycle diet plan. As a cycle program, it can be repeated in the same obesity category and be effective until we lose the weight in that category and the program of the next one follows. This simplifies thinking in the diet process, for the one who applies it.

It is a flexible and modern diet plan. It is based on the modern way of living, the purity of food, the rules of proper nutritional behavior, ensuring both the quality of health and well-being as well as the result.

It is a diet characterized by ease of application, as for example, it does not have special cooking requirements and one can apply it even if he does not cook at home, always buying from outside. It has no food scales and no special cooking. It is an open diet program which means that for each food category you can replace the recommended food with any other food of your choice from the same category.

The dynamics of Diet Plasma’s BMI-1 chocolate diet is about 6-8 kg per month of weight loss.

This effectiveness is a result of experience and depends on the dynamics of our metabolism and our initial weight.

 The Chocolate Diet Lunch

In the Chocolate Diet the lunch of the day is made by Yogurt (preferred type is the Greek Yogurt) or Milk adding a sachet of  PLASMA CACAO.


  • This makes it possible to save cooking time.
  • To use healthy products in our diet.
  • Also to have a chocolate meal that will satisfy our desire for sweets.
  • Giving us energy and balance.

Chocolate Diet Slimming Plan !

Cover all BODY MASS INDEX categories

The BMI-1 Chocolate Diet slimming program are monthly diet programs as excerpts of the integrated program and designed according to the BMI (Body Mass Index) categories of weight. That’s mean that can be applied from the Cellulite until the Over Obesity.

The BMI-1 Chocolate Diet slimming program has ONE monthly program for each category of BMI.
We use the same BMI category until our BMI moves to the next lower BMI category. After that we use the program of the new category of BMI.

Chocolate Diet as Cycle Model Diet

The chocolate diet is designed to have a repeatable cyclical effectiveness. This is the reason that for each category there is ONE (BMI-1) program of Chocolate Diet.

To achieve this there is an continuous increment and decrement to two principal nutritional factors the carbohydrates and the proteins.
The first week of the month has more carb and the last week of the month has more protein.

This make our organism not adaptive in stable state with the foods.